Wissahickon park

hard to kill

snowy trails in the wissahickon

So I know this was only hike number two of 2014 but this was one of my favorites. We went Wissahickon park again but took a different route than the previous week. This trip was absolutely beautiful. There was already snow on the ground when we started and about a quarter in it started to snow again. It was so quiet and serene it was hard to believe we were in Philadelphia. On this particular hike, the only other people we ran into were 4 mountain bikers, who I thought were so awesome and hardcore ,  a cross country skier and a snowshoer. Again, hard to believe we were still in Philadelphia.

snowy bridge
a snow covered bridge in the Wissahickon

The snow made us go a little slower than usual but since it was still pretty fresh it wasn’t too slippery or hard to walk on. This winter was a rough one and I was so happy to have the opportunity to get out and really enjoy the snow in all it’s beauty.  Here in South Philly it’s beautiful for an hour or so and then just turns to black mush after a day or so.

snowy wissahickon trails
trails to ourselves

snowy hike in the wissahickon

snow covered creek
snow covered creek

I feel like long hikes can be a form of meditation where you can really just clear your head and surround yourself with beauty and this trip went above and beyond that. I’m so glad we didn’t let the weather keep us in.

icciles on forbidden drive
crazy icicles on forbidden drive
snowy forbidden drive
an empty forbidden drive covered in snow

Hike summary

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