In the kitchen: some of my favorite vegan food blogs

When I’m not out and about enjoying the outdoors, one of my favorite places to be is my kitchen. Here are some of my go-to vegan food blogs. I love finding recipes all over the web, but these are the places I can always rely on finding a recipe I love. I don’t always eat vegan but recently it’s the diet I’ve been leaning towards most. Even unhealthier vegan food never makes me feel as bad as when I eat meat or dairy. More than anything, I’d like for my diet to only consist of whole foods and nothing processed, vegan or not, but I think it’s important to enjoy stuff like that every once in while. So here’s my top five favorite vegan blogs, health and unhealthy:

1. Oh She Glows: This has by far become my favorite of the healthier options, I even bought the cookbook. This blog was started by a woman named Angela, she shares her inspiring story of battling an eating disorder for most of her life and how she finally got to a good place. Instead of counting calories or restricting her food intake, she eats a healthy, plant-based diet and is healthy, fit and happy. Her recipes are great as they consist of mostly whole foods and less on processed things like tofu, seitan, etc. Angela uses a lot of homemade nut cheeses and things like that. I have yet to make one of her recipes that I haven’t liked or loved. We’re having some friends over for a Golden Globes party this weekend and so much of the menu is coming from this site. Hoping to have a follow-up post after..

2. Rawsome Vegan Life: The title of this site pretty much says it all. This one is filled with all healthy, vegan and raw food recipes. The images are gorgeous and again, so many of the recipes I’ve tried, I’ve loved! You can’t argue with Emily’s logic, “The best diet is the one that makes you the healthiest and happiest.” Her diet is vegan, high-carb and mostly raw. I own her Rawsome Vegan Baking cookbook and am planning out one of the recipes this weekend. I’ll try to have a follow-up with some pics!

3. The First Mess: I joined the First Mess recipe mailing list and look forward to it every time I get a new recipe in my inbox. Her photos are beautiful and the healthy recipes are so different. If you appreciate food, check out this blog. Even if you’re not into vegan the colorful, bright pictures. will not disappoint.

4. Post Punk Kitchen: The PPK is like the OG of vegan food blogs. Soo many great recipes, healthy and junky. You can find everything here. The recipe index has every category you could think of from breakfast to baking. Breakfast nachos.. yes, please.

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