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Recently, I’ve been trying to find day hikes that are close by and something new. Sometimes it works in our favor and sometimes we just end up on a kind of boring hike. The Edwin B Forsythe wildlife refuge has some really pretty views and would probably be great if you’re into bird watching but we just weren’t really feeling this one. This hike was more of a walk as the refuge is really flat and there were big stretches on roads that cars could drive on. If you’re headed to or from Atlantic City and want a little wildlife in your life I’d recommend swinging by here, otherwise this one’s not all that great. We swung by AC on the way home for lunch and walked on the beach. I love the shore in winter so the day wasn’t a total bust. Here are some pics of our fairly boring walk.

a map of the hiking trails
the trail map


After reading a post on top spots for fall foliage in Philadelphia on visitphilly.com, I decided to check out the John James Audubon Center at Mill Grove. It was pretty cold and little cloudy that day which may have contributed to the lack of other people I saw on the trails. Very few people and so many deer. They were everywhere! The grounds┬ácover 175 acres with about 9 miles of hiking trails, a paved bike path and┬áthe Audubon Loop Trail which makes up the bulk of the trials at 4.5 miles. It’s paved and wheelchair accessible so it’s great for anyone with mobility issues or people with strollers.

an open meadow at a wildlife preserve
one of the open meadows