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Packing for a bike camping trip is much different than packing for a trip by car. This weekend I headed to French Creek State Park for a 49 63-mile ride to…

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Last Saturday the forecast called for rain, and lots of it. I was determined to get out for my first hike of the new year so we decided to try our luck. The weather channel said the rain wouldn’t start until 11am so my friends and I decided to leave Philly around 7am to head out to French Creek State Park. We knew we wanted to get in at least an hour or so of hiking so we decided on the Mill Creek Trail, one of the routes listed as most difficult on the French Creek trail map (pdf download). We drove from the park office over to the east entrance parking lot. The trail is 6 miles long with some decent inclines and areas that were pretty rocky. Overall I would say the trail isn’t too challenging though and could definitely be done by someone who is not an avid hiker. The trees on the trail were bare from winter and also appeared to have fallen victim to fire. A good section of the trail had trees that were black and burned at the bottom and quite a few had fallen. The path was still relatively clear and easy to navigate though.

the beginning of our hike
the beginning of our hike

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