Ladybird Lake hike and bike trail

a break from the snow

my feet in ladybird lake
my feet hadn’t seen the light of day in months

In February we were able to get a break from this terrible east coast winter to travel down south to Texas. We spent the majority of the trip in San Antonio and then headed to Austin for a few days. This was my first trip to Texas and hopefully not my last. I loved Austin and wish we’d had more time to spend there.

austin skyline
a view of austin from a bridge

San Antonio was really nice and was more time to catch up with family, some of whom we only see every other year. We went on a few runs and explored some parks in the area. The Riverwalk was good time (although a bit touristy) but I’m glad I got to experience it and we had some really great food at this place and this place. Since we’re talking about San Antonio, if you ever plan to visit there, we loved here and here for drinks. Lots of fun and fancy cocktails.

city of austin power plant
city of austin power plant
just a couple of paddleboarders in february

Anyway, back to the title of the post, Ladybird lake in Austin. On this particular day, I had time to wander off on my own and decided to check out the Ladybird lake hike and bike trail. I started to walk in one direction and thought it would loop around. Long story short, what I thought was going to be a 45 minute – hour walk, ended up being a little over two hours. It was a fun walk though that allowed me to see all different parts of the city. The weather was absolutely amazing, sunny and in the 70s. It was painful to think about coming back to Philly and the grey 30 degree weather.

While in Austin we also hiked in Barton Creek Wilderness Park. I’d write a separate post about that but this is called Philly Hikes, not Austin hikes. So here are just a few pics from that hike.

barton creek wilderness park tree ladder
we found this tree with a ladder in the middle of the woods.. couldn’t resist
barton creek river rocks
barton creek river rocks
barton creek
the danimal in his natural element



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