Gear review: Vasque Sundowner GTX hiking boots

I received my Vasque Sundowner GTX hiking boots as a birthday present about 2 years ago. I was hiking more and more frequently and usually wearing sneakers. Aside from ruining my running sneaks, I needed something that was weatherproof and had better ankle support. These boots have not let me down. I’ve worn them hiking in snow, rain, heat and through shallow water and I couldn’t be happier with a pair of boots. They go above and beyond in terms of support and stability.  Most PA trails are pretty rocky so it’s important to have boots that can get you through those trails comfortably.

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I also love the classic look of these boots and even more so after I swapped out the laces with a new pair of red ones. There have been plenty of times I wanted to wear them off the trails but have resisted. Maybe I should get a second pair for that… I would say they run true to size and I’ve been able to wear them with thick wool socks in the winter and thinner socks in the summer. They’re looking a little beat up on the outside but they still do the the job of keeping my feet warm and completely dry.  Even though these boots are super durable and strong, they’re also pretty light. They’re about 3 lbs. and I don’t feel weighed down by them at all. 

I definitely recommend breaking in any new hiking boots before hitting too long of a trail and it seems like the more I wear these the more comfortable they get. I think I’ll easily get many more miles out of them.

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