Fun Philly bike loop

Last weekend we did a fun Philly bike loop that was a modified route of one I had found in the Where to Bike Philadelphia book. We met at 11th and Spruce and headed up 16th to the Ben Franklin Parkway to Kelly Drive. We turned off Kelly Drive at Sedgley Street and went through Fairmount Park to the Belmont Plateau. We strayed from the original route a bit, heading towards West River Drive on a really fun downhill. After riding in and around the park a bit we passed the Mann center (I can’t wait to ride to a show or orchestra under the stars in season here) and then came down Lancaster Ave through West Philly and University City crossing over the South Street bridge.

ben franklin parkway bike lane
the view in front of the art museum

Our plan was to continue south to FDR park and ride around there, then to Delaware Ave to the Pier 7 park, coming out on Washington Ave and finishing at For Pete’s Sake. Unfortunately, one of my bike mates hit one of the many Philly potholes and went over her handlebars. It was a good reminder to me that I really need to pay attention more. I was in front of her and didn’t even see it! Fortunately, she was banged up and not seriously injured. Her chain popped off and got messed up so we took a detour to Bicycle Therapy where they kindly helped us out and got her bike back on track. The fall was a bit scary and I think took the wind out of our sails a bit. The forecast was also calling for rain and a pretty big temperature drop so we decided to call it a day and ended our trip with some drinks at the Triangle Tavern. This was a fun loop though and I’m looking forward to doing the complete route sometime soon. It snowed today and is finally starting to feel like winter here in Philadelphia so I’m hoping we can still get some decent rides in without having to wait for springtime. We’ll see. In the meantime, be safe and watch out for potholes!

bike mate at the plateau
belmont plateau view
we took part of the route on the empty sidewalk
avenue of the republic
sun shining through bare trees
winter sun poking through

This was the original planned route.

And the actual route:

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