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I’m a week into the #writeandrun31 day challenge. I started this time last week and made it through a weekend and because it’s Monday, I’m having a hard time using…


When I’m not out and about enjoying the outdoors, one of my favorite places to be is my kitchen. Here are some of my go-to vegan food blogs. I love finding recipes all over the web, but these are the places I can always rely on finding a recipe I love. I don’t always eat vegan but recently it’s the diet I’ve been leaning towards most. Even unhealthier vegan food never makes me feel as bad as when I eat meat or dairy. More than anything, I’d like for my diet to only consist of whole foods and nothing processed, vegan or not, but I think it’s important to enjoy stuff like that every once in while. So here’s my top five favorite vegan blogs, health and unhealthy:

#writeandrun31 in the kitchen

As I write this it is 18 degrees in Philly. I want to keep up with my #writeandrun31 challenge of running for at least 31 days straight and writing at least 400 words for 31 days straight, but I’m realizing that January is quite possibly the worst month to attempt a running challenge. As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t like to run on the treadmill which only leaves me the choice of running outside (or sucking it up and just getting on the treadmill). I was able to do my 20 minutes last night with ice and snow on the ground and although I got some weird looks, once I got started it wasn’t so bad. The small chunks of 20 minutes makes it so much easier to accomplish. Once I get through the first 10, the second 10 feels like nothing at all. I wanted to be safe running in the dark with ice all over the ground so my time was on the slower side but I was just happy to have accomplished my 3 goals.