Camden County College Bike Trails

Last weekend we took advantage of the mild December weather, loaded our mountain bikes into the truck and headed out to check out the Camden County College bike trails. As someone who is a complete beginner mountain biker, these trails were perfect for me. We parked in the lot of the school with no problem and entered the trail. The entire trail is only about 5 miles but is great because you can loop around as many times as you want with really no chance of ever getting lost.

a man mountain biking through the woods
While we were there we only saw 2 other mountain bikers and one runner on the trail. It was great being on a trail that wasn’t very populated so I could stop and try to take some of the hills a little slower and practice my form. There was small log down that I was also able to try to hop over a few times, just riding back and forth. If you’re in or around Philly and looking for some beginner friendly trails, I’d definitely recommend checking this place out.

the top of the bike trail
the top of one of the trails

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