A Week One Recap #writeandrun31

I’m a week into the #writeandrun31 day challenge. I started this time last week and made it through a weekend and because it’s Monday, I’m having a hard time using my brain to come up with a topic to write 400 words about. Here’s a recap of how my first week of the challenge went. Overall, I’m pretty proud of myself for mostly keeping up with my 20 minutes of running, I missed a couple days and will most likely skip tonight but I think I may have set the wheels in motion of getting this habit started. Saturday night my boyfriend and I needed to get something from Home Depot. It’s about a mile from our house so we decided to run both ways. Combining needing to do something productive with the run made it that much easier. I did the same on Sunday when I had a mid-afternoon meeting. It worked out that the distance was also a mile both ways. Friday night we did a 20 minute run to a restaurant. Having the reward at the end made the run that much easier, especially on a Friday night when the only thing I typically want to do is sit on the couch.

I was consistent with going over my 10,000 step goal this past week and I’m really proud of that as well. Today, I was running behind and drove to work (the weather is also miserable and hasn’t stopped raining all day) so there is a good possibility I’m not going to get my steps in. That being said, I did do 90 minutes of yoga yesterday on top of  my run and 60 minutes of yoga at lunch today. So I’m not going to beat myself up too much over that… I’m sore from both yoga classes and something has been up with my foot ever since I started back up with the running so taking a night off is probably for the best. I’m afraid of injury or burnout derailing the whole thing so I’m going to value downtime and know that it’s best in the long run.

As for the 400 words, it seems I’m much better with that commitment during the week. I wrote a post on Friday, completely exhausted and just wasn’t able to find the time to do it on Saturday or Sunday. Again, not gonna beat myself up for it. I’ve been consistent with hitting at least 1 of my 3 goals everyday so overall I’m pretty happy with my week one results!

#writeandrun31 Recap | Day 4:

Steps: 16,213

Running (minutes): 20:47

Running (distance): 1.77 miles (11:44 avg pace)

Writing: 484 words 

#writeandrun31 Recap | Day 5:

Steps: 12,698

Running (minutes): 21:23

Running (distance): 1.87 miles (11:26 avg pace)

Writing: 0

#writeandrun31 Recap | Day 6:

Steps: 12,684

Running (minutes): 22

Running (distance): 2.1 miles (I used a different app for calculations so this might be off a bit)

Writing: 0

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